footnote format help for not quite Chicago

Hello, I have just set up Zotero and am having trouble finding a citation style that fits my needs, which are very specific submission requirements for a PhD thesis.
I have tried to use Chicago with full note no ibid, but there are still some things that are not quite right. I have also looked at the World Politics or International Organization. This does not give me the first reference in full, but does give me the Author-Date format. Neither are exactly right nor do they have a "p." for page numbers.

What I need is:

Bibliography =
Kenny, Anthony. Medieval Philosophy. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2007

1st reference in footnote, in full with p. but without the publisher =
Anthony Kenny, Medieval Philosophy (Oxford, 2007), pp. 23-56

2nd reference to same publication in footnote as author-date =
Kenny 2007, pp. 23–56

Any help on how to set this up (or possibly if there is a style already in place that I am not finding) would be much appreciated!!!
  • I don't think we have that. (with various links pointing out from there)
    is the best I can point you two. We can help you with specific questions if you try modifying the style yourself, but don't have the capacity to do custom modifications or walk you through the entire process.
  • Thanks for the reply. I will have a look at how to edit citations myself. Is there someone who would be available to walk me through this process? (In central London.) I ask as what may take one person 10 minutes could very well take me many many hours.
  • You can ask at your library, maybe someone there knows.
    Otherwise, no. (It also likely wouldn't be 10mins, to be honest--when I give workshops, we spend 2hs on this).
  • Thanks. That is a fair comment. I am more than willing to sign up for a workshop as this is a serious issue. Are there suggestions for where to find workshops in central London? I have already asked a number of people, such as the library, but honestly everyone has suggested I ask on this forum. (Your quick response has not let me down - even if I don't yet have a resolve on the citation style.)
  • No, sorry. Many university libraries will have workshops and I thought at least UCL offered them, though in most cases those would be more about getting you started than about more technical topics like modifying citation styles.

    We have talked about doing a couple of free webinars on citation styles, but nothing definite yet in that respect.
  • Ok. I will keep my eyes open for workshops and keep asking. In the meantime I will give modifying it myself a try.

    If anyone else reads this post and has a solution, or needs the same citation format - please let me know!
    Thanks again.
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