Is there a bibliography style that contains html for hyperlinks?

I see here that Zotero can't output hyperlinks in the bibliography:

But couldn't Zotero output html that would contain a hyperlink? This couldn't be pasted into a rich text document like Word or Gmail, but it would allow me to copy a bibliography item from Zotero and past it into a blog post as I write it.

Are there any styles that do this? I couldn't find one.
  • Note that journals like Physical Review Letters have hyperlinks in their bibligraphy, but when Zotero outputs a PRL-style bibligraphy item there is no hyperlink, even if you choose "Copy as HTML" under Preferences>Export>Quick Copy.
  • there is no such a style. It looks like this used to maybe work at some point:
    and I think fbennett said at some point he had that working in Zotero's citation processor, but as of now it doesn't exist.

    In Word, btw, you can get active links simply by running AutoFormat (with the respective option selected) over your bibliography.
    And journals, obviously, don't care about this in your manuscripts. Their publishing system takes care of the hyperlinking.

    As for blogging - in WordPress, ZotPress allows you to include active links and most blogging software will convert plain text links to active ones automatically (the same way this forum does).

    Not saying this shouldn't happen--just giving you a full picture of the status quo and your options.
  • Thanks very much for the thoughtful answer. I am using wordpress, so I'm going to give ZotPress a try. (On first blush it looks nice and polished. I am continuously impressed with the quality of Zotero stuff.)

    Unfortunately, the bibliograpy style *must* come from the standard list of styles ( so you can't stick in hyperlinks. This is really too bad, because 50% of the value of having nice inline references for a blog is that people could click the link and instantly read the paper. I will put in a feature request with the ZotPress developer.

    In any case, let the record show that I'd still like a style (or maybe a check box in the options to modify the style) which sticks in hyperlinks.

    Again, thanks so much for the clear info.
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    Adding the "Downloadable" flag in ZotPress to a reference (or group of references) will do exactly what you want, at least if I'm understanding you correctly.

    edit: and if it doesn't maybe explain with an example what you want.

    Also, CSL simply can't do what you're asking, so a style is currently not an option.
  • The "downloadable" options looks like it adds a link to pull something from my Zotero database on my blog's server, presumably some sort of citation file (RIS or whatever). This isn't what I want (although if I could get it to work, maybe I'd change my mind; see below). What I want is a hyperlink to the webpage on the journal's website corresponding to the paper. This is probably most easily done with the DOI resolver.

    Incidentally, the "(download)" link generated by ZotPress seems broken. (I may be doing something wrong.) When I click the link, I get the error "No API User ID provided". The URL it is sending me too is

    which shows a blank user ID and a blank 'download' option. If I fill in the user ID, I get "No item key provided." And if I fill the item key into the 'download' option, I get a blank page. Not sure what's supposed to be happening.

    I'm not sure why it isn't filling in the API user ID. There is exactly one account under the ZotPress heading "SYNCED ZOTERO ACCOUNTS".
  • yeah, sorry, I had misremembered that feature. But if you use a style like Chicago Manual or APA -- at least where items have a DOI, ZotPress automatically generates that as a live link through the DOI resolver--isn't that what you have in mind?
  • Ha, yes it does! No need for the "downloadable" option. OK, great. Thanks.
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