Local library out of sync with zotero.org, but new changes syncing

A little background to what happened first. I have a laptop and a desktop that are both synced with zotero.org and at the beginning of this they were both synced up.

On my Desktop, I moved a handful of items to Trash. Zotero had enough time to sync the trash to server. Then, I proceeded to empty the Trash, which was taking several seconds to do. In the middle of that operation, I realized that I actually needed a couple items that I deleted, so in hopes of preventing the permanent deletion from syncing to the server, I closed Zotero before it could complete emptying the Trash.

On my laptop, I first synced with zotero.org and the items I had moved to Trash appeared in Trash. I restored the items I was interested in back to my library and then synced with server. At this point, I'm not 100% sure of the timing of the operations, some of these may have overlapped between desktop and laptop. The point is that I ended up syncing my desktop with zotero.org (the items I restored to library ended up in the library as expected) and emptied the Trash on my laptop. Then after syncing both laptop and desktop with zotero.org (without errors) I am left in the following state: my desktop and zotero.org Trash are identical, but my laptop Trash is different.

This is a comparison of my laptop Trash to zotero.org http://i.imgur.com/2YYCaYm.png and a debug ID showing a "no op" sync from my laptop at this point: D1942957965

I can even make additional changes to my library that sync just fine. Here I added a new Book AAAAAAA and moved it to Trash on my laptop then synced (D741346587) http://i.imgur.com/Wqx5nWx.png

For me, this isn't a huge issue, since I'll just empty the Trash on both computer and everything should go back to normal, but the point is that the libraries can mysteriously go out of sync even though sync continues to work. I guess we could ignore this and hope that none of the sync issues carry over to API syncing, but there may be some fundamental syncing logic that needs to be re-thought.
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