Report ID:470787412 (Zotero error)

Report ID:470787412 (Zotero error)

It stated that the refid should be submitted to Zotero forums, with the explanation how the person get Zotero to crash.


briefly after I expanded one folder, added one webpage into te folder and tagged the subject I went on to Zotero forums and

submitted one Idea about going to all-Tags based structure.

Alas, when I finished doing that and wanted to continue working with Zotero, Zotero returned an error and I could only submit a error report.

Best Regards,

Dubravko-Mario Radić, .ing
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    The error indicates that you're out of disk space. Is that possible?

    If not, open your Zotero data directory, close Firefox, look for a zotero.sqlite-journal file in the directory, make a backup of it, and delete it. That might fix the problem. [Edit for posterity: Don't do this. It could result in database corruption, and if it helped it'd be due to some other root cause that needed to be fixed.]
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