Idea: Convert all Folders to Tags (by ferrante/DMR)

Hi guys,

I appreciate your work very much as you have a new way of handling information load.

I feel we want one operation, (and that is typing tag) to get the information, 15 would be too much and tiresome ( imagine clicking into the- and out of one folder, clicking into- and out of another etc. just to get one information..

This is very simple feature but potentially groundbreaking in going for all-tag-based information handling, so here is my proposal;

When rejecting hierarchical folder structure and going for tags-based information organizing

and using Zotero

I noticed there is

the need of small service utility that would convert All folder-based structure that I did in Zotero to Tag-based structure.

for some exceptions in all that there should be a possibility to exclude some folders from being converted.Also, special tag should be added so that even at later time re-conversion from tag info schema should be possible e.g. [exFolder] special tag

Util should be somewhere near "check database integrity" button.

In actual programming, if that function proves to be a low-processing-power design implementation, it could be even placed instead of tag/folder view at the left-hand side of the screen.

That way, Zotero would become predominantly tag based, but with virtual folders feature which would be established for Folder view of the informations, not the other way around like we are all tired of browsing endless folder hierarchy.

If you find it valuable idea, you are welcome to implement it (credits pls) or to ask me to join in and do it.

Good luck

Dubravko-Mario Radic, .ing
Facebook: Dubravko-Mario Radic
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