Bug... Adding note loses search

Hi, I don't know if anyone noted this yet, but if you do a search (in the search box) in your library, then select one of the references from the search, then add a note to that item, you lose your search. It disappears as soon as you begin typing in the note, and when you close the note or go back to Zotero, you have to search again. This only happens when you create a new note, not when you edit an existing note either in a popup window or in the note pane. Thought I'd let you know. Thanks.
  • Okay, this also happened when I had done a search and then edited the note. Only this time, when I was editing, I was deleting the search term from the note, so then my search disappeared and I had to keep typing the same search over and over to find all the notes that had the term so I could delete it. So I don't know if this is planned behavior or not (ie this second comment, not the first--I don't think that is planned).
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