using with firefox developer edition?

Using Zotero 4.0.23-1, Firefox Developer Edition 36.0a2 (basically Aurora), and Arch Linux/Gnome, I can't get the firefox connector to send any references to Zotero standalone. The Chrome connector works fine.

I have also tried using earlier versions of firefox with no luck.

Are there known compatibility issues, and is there a pre-release version of zotero that will run with aurora?

  • No, Zotero doesn't currently work with Aurora (though it should be working fine with Firefox 34). There's Zotero Beta which generally addresses non-critical bugs in pre-release and should be stable enough for general use (especially if you're using Firefox Beta/Aurora). In this case though, the fix has not been implemented yet.
  • But even with Firefox 34 you'd still need the Zotero version.
  • OK, I've installed Firefox 34 and Zotero 4.0.24; that combination works, so thank you.

    What is the best way for me to keep tabs on compatibility with Firefox Beta/Aurora? Is there a bugtracker somewhere?


  • Best is just to keep an eye on the commit log for the primary branch (currently 4.0). When Firefox 35 compatibility (or similar) lands, it will show up there, and it will be available in the beta XPI shortly thereafter.
  • (Sorry, correction, Firefox 35 should already work fine. It's just later versions that don't yet work.)
  • Hi all

    I'm running Standalone v4.0.23, Firefox connector v4.0.26-beta.r19+5285fad and Firefox Developer Edition v38a2 but the connector doesn't work, although clicking the addon's options does bring up Standalone, so they're able to communicate. Am I correct in thinking there's no beta of Standalone (I can't find any)?
  • There isn't but a) there _is_ a version of Standalone and b) I'd be surprised if the current beta worked with Firefox 38.
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