Update Email and Automatic Renewal Questions

I want to add another email account and then delete my old primary email. However, when I go into Settings>Account, and enter a new email in the box, and click "Update Emails" I get a notice at the top of the page "Could not add email address".

I found an old validation email that was sent to the email address that I want to use now. I clicked on it and it took me to my Zotero account that still has the old email that I don’t want to use anymore.

I’ve also changed my password but that hasn’t helped either.

How do I add the email I want to use as my primary and delete the old one?

In addition, I want to change my automatic renewal billing information, but can’t figure out how to do it. It’s set to automatically renew at the end of this month and if I can’t change the billing information it won’t be able to automatically renew.
  • Regarding email, you will have to delete the account that you don't want to use and then you should be able to add it to your current account, since you can't have multiple accounts per email.

    Someone else can probably answer your billing question, but as an alternative, you cab cancel and re-subscribe with correct details. I believe you retain any remaining subscription time after unsubscribing.
  • Thanks for the tip Aurimas. I neglected to mention in my initial post that I had tried to delete the current primary email, but got a notice at the top of the page, "Cannot delete primary email".
  • The old validation email wouldn't automatically log you into your other account. If you send a password reset email to it though (https://www.zotero.org/user/lostpassword) it will note the username in the account.

    You can only delete an email address from an account after you make a different one the primary address.
  • We don't currently have a way to update the payment information for renewal, but you'll get a notification if it fails, and your subscription won't lapse.
  • My goal is to retire my hotmail.com email address that I originally used, back in January 2008, to set-up my Zotero account. Zotero is the only account left that needs fixed before I can completely stop using hotmail.

    I want to use my gmail.com email address as my primary address for my Zotero account. I don’t remember the circumstances, but for some reason I got a validation email from Zotero back in January 2011. I don’t recall ever clicking on it until yesterday.

    When I click on the following Zotero email that was sent to my “gmail address” it sends me to my Zotero account that shows my “hotmail address” as primary.

    Jan 2, 2011 at 9:35 AM
    Zotero <do-not-reply@zotero.org>
    To: [name … ]@gmail.com
    Thanks for signing up for a zotero.org account! Please confirm your
    email address by clicking on the following link:

    [link … ]

    I submitted yesterday, but have not yet received validation emails to my gmail or hotmail addresses. I tried again this morning and still haven’t received anything.

    Yesterday, I also submitted a password reset and it arrived in my “gmail address” inbox. I then changed the password yesterday, but that didn’t change my Zotero account primary email from the “hotmail address” to the “gmail address”.

    I then started this thread. So far, the thread postings are showing up in my “hotmail address” inbox.

    Do you have any other suggestions as to what I can try?
  • What username is noted in the password reset email?
    You registered two separate accounts, one with each email.
    That's the account that you reset the password for, and the one you'll need to delete if you want to re-use the email address.

    If you don't want to post your email here, you can send an email to registration@zotero.org linking to this thread and I can see if there is anything strange going on with the account.
  • I'll be sending an email to registration@zotero.org.
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