Punctuation is missing when using endnote styles.

When using endnote style to format citations and references the punctuation (commas, brackets etc) is missing from the citations and the references.
Using csl style files works works fine.
  • Is this happening with a variety of different .ens files or just one in particular? If it is a particular one could you specify it?
  • It happens with multiple styles (the date stamp on the files is from 2003). The only case where it doesn't happen is a relatively recent PNAS file. The PNAS file was downloaded about six months ago from the endnote website and modified by me to fit the author guidelines. With this file multiple citations don't get joined together and don't get sorted - instead of "(1,2)" I am getting "(2), (1)"
    I see the sorting problem with the other endnote style files in addition to the missing punctuation.
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