Endnote to Zotero newspaper page number problem and simple accessed info problem

1) I recently transferred/imported my Endnote library into Zotero, but noticed that all of the page numbers for my news articles are now listed under/after the "section" category rather than "pages".

Does anyone have any trouble shooting ideas? I have thousands of news articles so changing every reference manually would be too time consuming.

2) When I make the bibliography Zotero works really well but I noticed that for my journal/book articles (which I sometimes got bibliographical information from Endnote library of congress or online) it is also using all of the accessed from information which really isn't needed. Does anyone know how to get rid of that quickly?
  • For 2) have a look at the option "Include URLs of paper articles in references" in the preferences - Cite.
  • if what zuphilip says doesn't help, could you paste an example here?

    For 1 - which format did you use to transfer from Endnote? RIS or EndnoteXML? In either case a single item as exported in that format woudl help
  • I used RIS (Refman)

    adamsmith, what do you mean when you say "a single item as exported in that format would help"?
  • I basically just followed the below youtube tutorial

  • export a single news items from Endnote to RIS, open it in NotePad(or TextEdit on Mac) the copy the content and paste it here so we can take a look. It should be about 10-20 lines of text starting with TY - and ending with ER -
  • in this one the page number doesn't show up at all. i'll paste an example where it shows up in the section.

    TY - NEWS
    AB - Jessica Lynch went off to war and became an all-American hero. Lynndie England went off to war and ended up a global hate figure. Andrew THE SUN was setting over the wooded valleys of Lynndie England's West Virginia home town as a group of nine-year-olds in caps and baseball kit were finishing up their practice match on the neatly mown sports field.

    AN - Document IND0000020040508e05800015
    AU - Buncombe, Andrew
    DA - 8 May
    KW - ghum : Human Rights/Civil Liberties | gvio : Military Action | gcat :
    Political/General News | gcns : National Security | gcom :
    Society/Community/Work | gdip : International Relations | gpir :
    Politics/International Relations | grisk : Risk News
    uk : United Kingdom | iraq : Iraq | usa : United States | asiaz : Asia
    dvpcoz : Developing Economies | eecz : European Union Countries | eurz :
    Europe | gulfstz : Persian Gulf Regions | meastz : Middle East | namz :
    North America | wasiaz : Western Asia | weurz : Western Europe
    8 | 9 | News
    LA - English
    N1 - 2048 words
    PY - 20048
    ST - IND
    T2 - The Independent - London
    TI - An American odyssey.
    ID - 5578
    ER -
  • in this example the page number shows up under section (world)

    TY - NEWS
    AB - FORT BRAGG, N.C., Aug 5 (Reuters) - Lawyers for Private Lynndie England probed on Thursday for links between abuse at Abu Ghraib prison and the military chain of command at a hearing for the female soldier who caused widespread outrage when she was pictured holding a naked Iraqi prisoner on a leash. Looking to bolster their theory that England was just following orders, her lawyers repeatedly asked military criminal investigators how much control the Military Intelligence unit had at Abu Ghraib, where England and other soldiers were seen in the photographs that shocked the world and hampered the U.S. war effort.
    AN - Document LBA0000020040805e085002pt
    AU - Cock, Anna
    DA - 5 August
    ET - 1 - FIRST
    KW - gcrim : Crime/Courts | gdef : Armed Forces | gdip : International
    Relations | ghome : Law Enforcement | gpol : Domestic Politics | gvio :
    Military Action | gcat : Political/General News | gcns : National
    Security | gpir : Politics/International Relations | grisk : Risk News
    iraq : Iraq | uk : United Kingdom | usa : United States | asiaz : Asia
    dvpcoz : Developing Economies | eecz : European Union Countries | eurz :
    Europe | gulfstz : Persian Gulf Regions | meastz : Middle East | namz :
    North America | wasiaz : Western Asia | weurz : Western Europe
    N2K:BAGM | N2K:CRIM | N2K:CRU | N2K:DEF | N2K:DIP | N2K:G | N2K:GB
    | N2K:SECUR | N2K:US | N2K:VIO | N2K:WASH | N2K:YDB
    LA - English
    N1 - 418 words
    PY - 2004
    SE - World31
    T2 - Herald-Sun
    TI - Abuse `just for fun'
    ID - 5091
    ER -
  • examples for question number 2 include:

    Anaïs, S. (2013). Genealogy and critical discourse analysis in conversation: texts, discourse, critique. Critical Discourse Studies, 10(2), 123–135. doi:10.1080/17405904.2012.744321

    Puar, J. K. (2007). Terrorist assemblages : homonationalism in queer times. Durham: Duke University Press. Retrieved from Table of contents only http://www.loc.gov/catdir/toc/ecip0716/2007017112.html

    Puar, J. K. (2008). Feminists and Queers in the Service of Empire. In C. T. Mohanty, R. L. Riley, & M. B. Pratt (Eds.), Feminism and war : confronting US imperialism (pp. 47–55). London ; New York: Zed Books. Retrieved from Contributor biographical information http://www.loc.gov/catdir/enhancements/fy0910/2009277925-b.html Publisher description http://www.loc.gov/catdir/enhancements/fy0910/2009277925-d.html
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    SE - World31
    This looks like an error in EndNote export. The section (World) and page number (31) are merged into one field. I can reproduce this locally, and you can fix it by editing the RefMan (RIS) export style in Endnote. In EndNote, go to Edit -> Output Styles -> Open Style Manager. Find RefMan (RIS) Export, then select it and click Edit. Go to Bibliography -> Templates and at the top select "Newspaper Article". Find the line "SN - `ISSN`" and change it to "SN - `ISSN|`" (add a pipe/bar immediately after the N in ISSN). Close the editor and save the file when it asks (I'd suggest using the same name). Now, when you export with the edited style, you should get correct RIS and you can import that properly into Zotero.

    Alternatively, you can transfer your library using EndNote XML format, which should not have this issue.

    In any case, if you already transferred your library and synced it to server, let us know, because you might run into issues if you try to delete a ton of items and then re-import them. We'll give you some more guidance.

    Finally, if you already made a large number of modifications since transferring the library, We can maybe help you come up with a way to clean up your data.

    Note for other Zotero devs, I think we should switch our instructions for transferring EndNote library to EndNote XML from RIS.

    Edit: reported upstream http://community.thomsonreuters.com/t5/EndNote-Styles-Filters-and/Error-in-RefMan-RIS-Export-style/td-p/62790
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    Hi aurimas thanks for your suggestions. I'll be working on them today to see if I can get all my references properly transferred.

    Perhaps this is a simple question but How do I go about a transfer using xml format?

    I'm in the process of trying to do it myself. After selecting File-Export in my Endnote x6, I'm assuming I am to select xml format as appose to txt format under the "save as". But under "reference style" what do I select? It was RIS Ref Man....should I select APA or show all fields or somethings else altogether?
  • it actually doesn't matter. When you select xml, Endnote always exports in the same format.
  • Old problem solved, new problem materialized with XML format.

    So, I imported one of my news folders into Zotero using XML, the page numbers appear to be under pages now. Page number problem solved! However, XML created a new problem. It doesn't seem to be able to get my authors last and first name right when stored as first and last name ie Jane Doe. What happens is that Jane Doe gets put into the Last name field only. Moreover, if authors are listed as Jane Doe and John Smith, Zotero stores it as Jane Doe (first name) John Smith (first name). References listed as Doe, Jane transferred just fine. This was not a problem using RIS

    Any suggestions? I'm guessing I should go ahead and try to edit the original RIS as originally suggested by aurimas to see if that works. Will this suggested RIS edit fix the issue with page numbers simply being missing?
  • or would it be best to edit the XML?
  • Still trying to fix original question # 2.

    Does anyone have any ideas on how do I can systematically get rid of the doi and retrieved from information in the example sources listed above. It doesn't seem to be a preferences problem. Could it be an RIF problem related to books, journals and chapters in books?
  • I mean - in APA style, getting rid of DOIs would be incorrect. If you don't want DOIs, find a style that doesn't use them.

    For the URLs -- those really don't seem like they should have been transferred to the URL field. It's possible to not include URLs for anything but webpages in a citation style, but that's commonly a bad idea. I'd really clean this up in the data. My suspicion would be that Endnote's data model is just not particularly thorough about this, potentially because they have different item types for electronic books&chapters.
  • Great news the RIS edit with | after the "n" worked great! Thank you so much everyone for your help. I really appreciate it! All of the page numbers appear to be in properly at first glance and the authors are where they should be. Hopefully this thread can help others with the same problems.

    As for question #2 related to URLs I'm not too sure what to do. But ultimately I don't have as many academic sources as I do news articles so going through manually might be a last resort option/possibility. Perhaps I'll need to polish up on APA style specifics.
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