Create Article from Edited Volume

Very often that I need to cite multiple articles from the same edited volume. In this case, it would be nice to be able to enter the edited volume first, and then have the option of creating a second entry of a particular chapter or article from that volume. By doing this the publication and editor information would be inherited, and all that would be required of the user would be to input the article title, author, and page spread.

This is in contrast to the current situation, which requires the user to input new publication information for each new article from the same edited volume.
  • Hierarchical types have been discussed quite a bit--search the forums for more info.

    For rapid entry, you can duplicate items currently & just change the chapter info.
  • I need to be able to cite different articles by different authors which appear in the same edited volume. I can't see how to (1) cite the author of the article, as distinct from the editor of the volume (2) differentiate the name of the article from the name of the volume (3) make the article in quotes rather than in italics (4) make the author of the article precede the editor of the volume. Thanks for your help.
  • Thanks, Adam. Now how do I get the bibliographic info imported into that article ("Book Section") record, so I don't have to enter it all in manually?
  • The easiest approach is to make a Book item for the whole volume, then right-click on it and make a duplicate. Change the type of the duplicate to Book Section, and the data will move appropriately (Title to Book Title). Make the necessary number of duplicates of your new Book Section template. Then enter the specific data of each book section in the Book Section items.

    There will likely be some manual data entry, since many bibliographic databases online don't provide useful data for book sections.
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