"Upload request already exists" error

I have just set up an S3/Jungle Disk account in order to sync my journal paper PDFs. The setup went fine, and I added one PDF to my existing (and synch'd) library to test things. Two files (one zip, one not) were created almost immediately, but Zotero appeared to keep synching for the next half hour.

In any case, I restarted firefox at some point and the sync didn't work (afraid I forget the error). I delete the content on the WebDAV share (including the zotero folder), disabled and re-enabled file synching. The folder was once again created.

Now when I try to synch I get the error:

Upload request already exists in Zotero.Sync.Storage._addRequest()

and no files are created on the WebDAV share.

After this in the error log I also see:

"no element found" {file: "https://mark%40uk%2Eseds%2Eorg:********@msbentley.myjungledisk.com/default/zotero/" line: 1}]

Any suggestions as to how to get attachment synching working?

Regards. Mark
  • Try: Make sure WebDAV folder is clear, Reset Storage History in the Actions (gear icon) menu, restart Firefox, sync.

    We haven't tested Jungle Disk yet, so there may be issues.
  • Hi Dan - thanks for your comments. I removed the zotero folder and contents from the WebDAV share, reset the storage history, restart and performed a sync with no attachments in my library. The zotero folder was created successfully, and the sync worked fine (but with no items added to JD).

    I then created a new library entry, attached a small text file, and started the sync.

    Zotero immediately uploads two files with extensions .zip and .prop, however zotero keeps showing the sync in progress icon. The file upload seems to work fine - if I now grab and zip file and check its contents, they are intact. But as of now (one hour later) zotero still shows the sync attempt...

    Any further suggestions welcome!
  • A quick addendum: the last error in the log is currently:

    [JavaScript Error: "uncaught exception: Sync already running in Zotero.Sync.Runner.sync()"]
  • Further update - thanks to comments in this thread:


    I have successfully sync'd with the free mydisk.se WebDAV service. However, I would still like to get Jungle Disk to work (since I've paid for it ;-) but I don't know if this is likely to be a JD or zotero problem.

    I there is anything else I should try to help diagnose this, please let me know!
  • 1.5 Sync Preview 3.2, now available, may fix problems with Jungle Disk. If you still run into problems, let us know and we'll do some testing.
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