Zotero: linked files or not? Best practises...

I'm wondering whether I should be using linked files or not?

Currently, I have a dropbox folder with multiple subfolders holding my various articles (named: SMITH(1990).Blah blah blah.pdf).

I also use Zotero to grab citations from the web, and to create bibliographies. I'd like to start moving things over to Zotero, however, I am not really sure what would be best for my situation.

Originally, I was moving things as linked files so that: (1) I could keep a backed-up copy of the file on dropbox; and (2) so that I could retain my various highlights and notes.

Given that my library has thousands of articles, I'm wondering if it might be best to simply dump all the PDFs into zotero and stop worrying about backing them up on dropbox since Zotero will save the citation (meaning, that if my hard-drive crashes, I'll still be able to find the paper again online).

I'm wondering what others have done in this situation. I'm not sure that it makes sense to constantly be importing linked files as I find the renaming process quite tiresome (i.e., download file, rename file, put into subfolder in dropbox, drag as linked file to zotero). This takes FOREVER when importing thousands of articles. Perhaps it just makes sense to store the files locally via Zotero, and just keep the citations online?

Is there any easier way?

FYI: I use Zotero standalone on a Mac with Safari.
  • Follow-up: Should I just use a Webdav solution, like Cloudme? Would that essentially solve my problem?
  • you can use ZotFile to auto rename, link, and move articles, that might be useful for you:
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