Error upgrading db to latest trunk

On upgrade to 1.5a1.r3625, the db upgrade process failed with the error "No parameters provided for query containing placeholders" (error report #1334743088).

And a supplementary question: I stayed on trunk much longer than the brief test I had originally intended (being the typical forgetful & lazy user). Is there a way of getting back, either to the release or sync preview?

Edit: It looks from searching through the forums like I'll need to wait until a trunk build upgrades correctly, then export everything to zotero rdf, then reinstall a more stable buiod, then import. Is this about right?
  • OK, try the latest trunk build.

    Next Sync Preview build should be out by tomorrow. You can switch over once that's out.
  • Yep, r3627 upgraded OK, thanks. Thanks also for the new Sync Preview pointer.
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