Open snaphots in new tab

I'd like to be able to open snapshots (and other things that open in the main browser window) in new tabs. Since the "View Snapshot" button is normally so wide, how about splitting it in two, with the one the left called "View Snapshot" and the one on the right called "View in new tab".

    This is implemented on the development branch. It follows standard Firefox behavior, so control-clicking (Cmd-clicking on a Mac) opens snapshots in a new tab behind, control-shift-click opens in a new front tab, and shift opens in a new window.
  • For me, running Firefox in Windows, Shift+Click opens snapshots and attached files in a new window as expected. However, Ctrl+Shift+Click also opens a new window (rather than a new tab behind), and Ctrl+Click opens in the current tab (just like Click by itself) (rather than in a new tab in front). I'm using the Tab Mix Plus Firefox extension, which enables a variety of customisations for the behaviour of tabs, and which could be causing this behaviour.
  • I created a new user account and installed a fresh copy of Firefox and Zotero and confirmed the same behaviour there.
  • Thanks, Andrew. Fixed on the dev branch. It's a trivial fix, if you want to apply it yourself.
  • For the sake of users not all that familiar with keyboard shortcuts, it might be a good idea to associate the "View Snapshot" button and an html entry itself with a context menu with the options "Open in New Tab" and "Open in New Window."
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