Share library among users of a computer

How can I share my library with other users on a computer? In my lab, everyone has their own login, but I'd like to set it up so that Zotero makes one library , so whenever someone adds a reference, that is automatically accessible to everyone. How can I do this? Should I put the Zotero directory in the Shared folder? Or under "Documents and Settings-->All Users"? Or does Firefox support some sort of shared profile? I'm using Windows XP here.
Thanks for any help.
  • Note that sharing a profile may have privacy concerns, as it shares the cache/browsing history/saved passwords too. You can start firefox with the '-p' switch to specify a profile, which could be shared. Until Zotero allows you to specify your profile location, it might be easiest to have two copies of firefox--the system one which would still have private profiles & a portable firefox which would have the shared profile, and would be used for Zotero.
  • Okay, I downloaded the portable Firefox into the Shared Documents folder, then downloaded the Zotero extension to that portable Firefox. Now I'll create a common menu shortcut to the portable Firefox and call it Zotero, and everyone should be able to access it and all the records. We'll see how it goes!
    Thanks for the advice.
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