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I found out, that it is only possible to jump to an specific page of an pdf document, if a http server runs:

For example:

runs good, but needs an additional server.

Are there other solutions, perhaps like this:

zotero://attachment/37/ <-- ok, but starts only on page 1
zotero://attachment/37/#page=12&pagemode=none <-- no functionality: file not found

  • Zotfile implements zotero://open-pdf/0_WKA7ZF75/3 (for page 3 of the PDF)
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    Wow, very fast. Thank you a lot.

    But I do not get a result from your example request in the browser.

    1. I installed the "zotfile" firefox addon
    2. I typed in the address field of the browser:
    W8EUCMGP = are the characters of the folder where "my" specific pdf file is stored in the main zotera folder.

    No answer of the request appears in the browser.

    Greets nikolo
  • You'd either need to do this in Firefox with ZotFile installed in Firefox or launch the links from within Zotero Standalone (e.g. via a link in the note filed)
  • I have this same problem with you.

    on macOS, the solution is to change the `Open PDFs using` setting to Preview Application.

    I was using PDF Expert back then, I guess the reason to cause this problem is that some applications can not communicate with Zotero.
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