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it would be great to have the option of sorting my library by the LAST author in the authors list, which is usually the PI.
  • I agree with tamireliav10. This feature would allow us to quickly find research articles produced by specific PIs (Labs).

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    I also came looking for this functionality! Seems like it would be simple to implement. And why not add a "First Creator" only column option as well? My personal shorthand for citing papers is FirstAuthor_LastAuthor_Year, and being able to visualize and sort by these parameters in my library would be extremely helpful.
  • This would be very helpful!
  • I also think this could be useful for areas like biology and medicine, where articles are usually remembered by what lab they came out of, i.e. the last author. It would be great if there was an option to add a column to the main pane with the name of the last author.
  • yup, i could need that too. I would be very pleased : )
    If "last author" is not going to be implemented then i would suggest, to implement the possibility to sort after letters or numbers that are assigned to the document/reference from the user. Maybe it is easier to build...
  • Me too, I was looking for that functionality. Did someone find a solution for that?
  • This functionally would be very helpful for us in science as it would help us associate the papers to a given lab (usually last author). Any idea if this feature is in the works? Alternatively, I would be even more helpful have a column that we can customize with wild cards to generate custom sorts.
  • +1 for last author sort. Custom sort with wildcard even better.
  • Not sure when this will happen, but I've created an issue to track this.
  • thanks! looking forward :)
  • +1. Last author column would be a very useful function for me
  • A workaround for this is to generate citekeys with BetterBibTex that start with the last author name (e.g. `[authorLast:lower]_[auth:lower]_[year]`). You can then add the "Citekey" column to the Zotero panel and sort based on that.
  • +1 to this, it would help so much to sort by creating lab rather than by first author!
  • +1, would be a massive help
  • I just create saved searches for major labs/authors, so I can jump quickly to all their work.
  • +1, please add this!
  • Hey fellows, I had the same need for displaying the last author (or the corresponding author) in an individual column as discussed in this thread, but I didn't find such a plugin, so I wrote a very simple one for myself. Feel free to use it:
  • +1, Came here to request this feature. There's a more recent similar thread here: and the conclusion is that it's a feature of zotfile, which is now explicitly no longer maintained.
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