function of sync and storage debugging commands on gear menu ?

what do the following commands do to sync'ed data and stored data on my c: drive ?

sync degugging:
Clear Server Data
Reset Server Lock
Reset Client

storage debugging:
Reset Storage History
Purge Deleted Storage
Purge Orphaned Storage Files

I am using versions 1.5syn2.2 and 1.5a1r3577 (on two different machines)
  • what do the following commands do?

    sync degugging:
    Clear Server Data
    Reset Server Lock
    Reset Client
  • sync degugging:
    Clear Server Data-removes all bibliographic metadata from the server. The next sync will essentially "push" all of the client's current data to the server & nothing will be on the server to "pull" down. This is a useful work-around for unimplemented sync reconcilliation (deleted collections, etc.)
    Reset Server Lock-I _believe_ that the server is locked when one client starts to sync, as multiple clients can't sync simultaneously. Presumably, this would clear a stale lock state.
    Reset Client-removes synchronization information from your copy of zotero (last synced version, deletion logs, etc.).

    Storage debugging:
    "Reset storage history" - Makes local sync database forget whether files have been synced or not.
    "Purge deleted storage files" - removes files on the server that you deleted locally.
    "Purge orphan storage files" - removes orphaned files (e.g. files that aren't referenced by your zotero database).
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    Now I understand that "sync debugging" refers to the Zotero sync server and "Storage debugging" on the gear menu refers to the webDAV Storage server.

    Thank you for the explanations.
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