Formating bugs in OpenOffice plugin 2.0a

#1 When inserting citation using fields, zotero applies the style formatting defaults to the paragraph. People properly using styles to format their text may not notice this bug. The problem does not occur when using bookmarks.

Steps to reproduce:
* write some text.
* change the paragraph formatting (text alignment for example)
* Insert a reference (use fields, and Nature journal reference style)
Using the Nature reference style helps to see that the field also gets formatted with the style defaults, and instead of superscript is in regular text. Putting the cursor outside the field and hitting Refresh formats properly the citation field.

#2 When using bookmark + Nature journal style, hitting refresh does not remove the old citation mark, just adds a new one next to it.
Steps to reproduce:
* write some text.
* Insert some references using bookmarks and Nature journal references style
* Hit refresh. "yada yada yada 1" gets changed to "yada yada yada 11"
* Change preferences to anothe style formatting (Say NLM). "yada yada yada 11" gets changed to "yada yada yada 1(1)"
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