Tag multiple items

It seems terribly mean to pile in requests for new features, just as you've done such a great job with this release. But I'm going to anyway.

It would be good to be able to perform actions on multiple selected items, particularly to be able to apply a tag to them all.

Cheers, CB.
  • i second this request for the capability to perform actions on multiple selected items.
    this is a real concern for anyone who is starting to use zotero but has been using any other system of organizing bibliographic info and notes for years before. it's easy for me to start using my own taxonomy of tags on new items i enter into zotero now, but it's daunting to go through my entire library (much of which is imported from endnote, in which i never used keywords to organize entries) and assign tags to hundreds of items individually.

    another example of this (besides tags) would be the ability to link to the same file to multiple items as well.

    i am in the process of organizing years of notes from dissertation research (mainly in MS word documents) with zotero. for example,i have one document full of notes on about 40 references having to do with one project. i'd love to be able to select all those references in the library and then save a link to that document in all of them.
  • I third this request.

    It's a tricky new feature, creating a clean interface to allow for the modification of multiple items (which may have different fields available and so on), but I am sure that in the long run Zotero certainly will need such a feature.
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    What would be even better would be if all instances of a tag could be changed too. And if your, say 5, most popular/recently used tags could appear somewhere for you to click on instead of having to type them all manually. Keep up the good work...
  • You'll be pleasantly surprised with the next release.
  • Any news on Beta 3 as Dan Stillman said it would be out three days ago?
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    yay for multiple tag edits!
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    Just for future reference: once you've created a tag, you can multiple-select references and drag and drop them onto the tag in the tagging pane on the left.
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    Any chance of a more general version of this: being able to assign a new *or* existing tag to multiple items?

    Currently, if you want to assign a new tag to multiple items, one must first assign this tag to one of the items, then select all items, then drag-drop these items to the newly created tag. It'd be great if this process could be reduced to simply selecting multiple items, then assigning a new tag to these items.
  • Hello there,
    I am new to Zotero, and so far, Zotero is doing everything I would like it to do. I'm posting here to renew the interest in this feature.
  • @omaralamoudi: It's not clear what feature you're referring to, but to be clear, you can assign tags to multiple items by dragging them to the tag selector.

    The ability to assign a new tag to multiple items is requested occasionally and may happen at some point, but for now you simply need to add the tag to one item first and then drag the other items to the tag in the tag selector.

    This thread is from 2006, so I'm going to close it to avoid further confusion.
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