Snapshot/pdf saving suggestions

I am liking "save link as snapshot" tool for collecting PDF's which I can attach to references. Some suggestions:
1. Drag and drop from browser links to associate with items (i think you might have this planned)
2. Autorenaming. Many sites, e.g. sciencedirect etc... give some generic name when you download a pdf - like "science.pdf". I would like zotero to have a button which can auto-rename the file based on details from the fields to that master record it is associated with. This kind of functionality is standard in mp3 tagging software, which often have customizable masks so you can auto-rename the file, such as have author - year - title.
3. Make rename associated file files as the default, and remove ability to change file extension (on PC's). If I rename PDF within zotero, i need to use file extension .pdf, which is easy to forget and its not something I would need to do - if I do need to I can just do it outside zotero.
4. Allow an easy way for me to search to find whether a given article has the article attached. Right now i do a search for pdf but it doesn't work since many html pages have the pdf text in them.
4.5. Related to this, i should be able to privilege a pdf or html or .ps or other snapshot so that the zotero reference KNOWS that its what the reference is about E.g. in endnote, you have an option for "pdf in file". I think you could perhaps replicate this with a tag, but I think its something that zotero should natively do, bearing in mind that sometimes that many of us snapshot html articles as well as pdf articles.
  • These are good suggestions—thanks. Some of these are already planned, and I've just finished implementing #1 on the development branch.

    The problem with #3 is that, since filenames can contain periods, we don't really have any way to tell what is an extension and what is part of the filename. We could hard-code a few common extensions (like .pdf), but the UI would have to be changed to give feedback on what the resulting filename would be, since otherwise you wouldn't know whether to include the extension or not. I suppose one option would be to separate it into two text fields, with the second visible only if "Rename Associated Files" was selected and auto-populated with the current extension (if it were among the hard-coded ones). Then you could easily give the attachment a title and rename the file at the same time without having to add the extension, and most people would never need to touch the second field, as they'd be dealing exclusively with hard-coded types. Not a particularly elegant solution, but it might have to suffice...
  • My wishlist here is for importing files already stored: scraping out the details from "get info" on pdfs and probably doc, xls eventually as well.
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