Relocating an attached file no longer works

I get an 'attached file cannot be found', then click on the 'locate' button, and find the file. But then on going back to 'view snapshot' or 'show file', I get the 'attached file cannot be found' dialogue again. The only way forward seems to be to delete and recreate the entry.

This is with the sync preview 2.2 on Windows XP.
  • Actually, it's just a caching issue—if you restart Firefox, it should find the correct file.

    Fixed in the latest trunk build. Thanks.
  • Yep, just confirmed that. Thanks Dan.
  • CB
    edited October 15, 2008
    Wrote too soon! I've come across an item today with an attached pdf that I can't get Zotero to link to in a new location, even after a Firefox restart. This is with the trunk build r3545.

    Edit: It's just ocurred to me that I might be trying to do something that might never have worked (or have been intended to work). That is, the original pdf was in zotero storage, but I'm trying to link it now to a different location. But that's changing it's type (from an attachment proper to a link). I thought I had done this before, but maybe not?
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