Standard way to deal with missing translator icon?

Looking to add an old Wired Magazine article (, but no translator icon. Using Zotero 4.0.23 + Firefox 34.0 on Linux (Mint 17). While I would like to add this specific article, is the missing translator icon always site-specific? Is there a standard way to deal with this, or is the solution just manual add?
  • You should make sure you you have Zotero 4.0.24, but yes, missing translator icons are indeed always site specific. You can right-click --Zotero--> Create New Web Page Item from Current page to manually add.

    The only alternatives are to write a site translator or to convince Wired to add metadata to their page (which is unlikely to be successful for non-academic publications like wired. Often works for academic sites, though):
  • Although I've been using Zotero for a while, I seem to have missed the right-click trick to add a web page without a translator. Obviously, not much metadata is prepopulated, but enough to get a simple entry started. Thanks.
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