using zotero sync offline

I used Zotero Sync (2.2) while being offline and made some changes to already existing items in the database. When I went back to my OOo document, however, the changes hadn't come into effect. E.g. I added page numbers to a bookchapter entry. Hitting refresh in OOo then didn't update the page numbers in the reference list.
Going online and syncing didn't help, the changes would only come into effect when I restarted Firefox.
I then also tried entering a new item while offline and this item was then available in the OOo document. But any subsequent changes to that item again, wouldn't show up until I restarted Firefox.
The problem is that I can't always be online when I work...
  • Thanks for reporting this. This should now be fixed in the latest trunk build.

    (It didn't have anything to do with being offline, by the way—any sync-related error would've caused it.)
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