How to enter encyclopedias with several parts

Here is the entry, as it should appear:

Klaus Kropfinger: Art. "Beethoven, Ludwig van", in: Die Musik in Geschichte und Gegenwart, 2. neubearb. Ausg., hrsg. von Ludwig Fischer, Personenteil, Bd. 2, Kassel u. a. 1996, Sp. 667-944.

There are a number of problems entering this in Zotero. My main problems are:

Where does one enter "Personenteil, Bd. 2" ? Volume will add another "Bd." before the content.

Is there a way to differentiate between pages and columns? It works for the direct pointer, but not for the range of the article.

I am mainly asking how to enter this in Zotero, the next step will be to make the style put the info in the right order.
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