position ibid does not work

I'm trying to add "ibid" to the Harvard style with the following code:

<citation et-al-min="3" et-al-use-first="1" disambiguate-add-givenname="true" disambiguate-add-year-suffix="true" collapse="year" cite-group-delimiter=", ">
<key macro="author"/>
<key macro="issued" sort="descending"/>
<layout prefix="(" suffix=")" delimiter="; ">
<if position="ibid-with-locator">
<text term="ibid" text-case="lowercase" suffix=", "/>
<text variable="locator"/>
<else-if position="ibid">
<text term="ibid" text-case="lowercase"/>
<group delimiter=", ">
<text macro="author-short"/>
<text macro="issued"/>
<group delimiter=" ">
<label variable="locator" form="short"/>
<text variable="locator"/>

I've tried to trigger the code, by adding the same citation twice in a row, but both citations are shown the same way, like this:

(Delmar 2014) blablabla (Delmar 2014)

What am I doing wrong?
  • Oops sorry, it was just a stupid mistake, I was using another csl-file in the document than the csl-file I was editing.

    What a stupid debut to the zotero-forum...
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