Keep selected collection after restart Firefox

I would like to know if it is possible to keep a collection selected after restarting Firefox. It is annoying that every time I have to reselect the collection I use regularly over a certain period of time. Is there an option somewhere?
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    That should work as you describe already (and does for me). What version of Zotero? Standalone? Firefox? What OS?

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  • I have both standalone and firefox but I am only using firefox.
  • What versions are you using of both Zotero and Firefox?
  • operating system would also be relevant.
  • firefox 34, zotero, windows 8.1 64
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    Try submitting a debug log, except, instead of clicking Enable, select the "Enable after restart" checkbox, then restart Firefox and submit the log immediately after everything is loaded. Make sure that you have some collection selected before starting this. There's not much that gets logged regarding this particular issue, but maybe it will still be helpful.

    On a bit more technical side, if you go to about:config in Firefox and look at the extensions.zotero.lastViewedFolder that's the property that should be getting changed each time that you switch collections. It's also the property that is used to restore the last viewed collection. If you open Zotero while looking at that setting and switch between collections, does it get updated? Now, select a collection and note the value of the property. If you close Firefox, then open it backup, and go back to about:config to check the value of that property _before_ opening up Zotero, is it the same as was set before closing Firefox?
  • So the value lastviewedfolder gets updated and also stays the same even after restart. Also when I open zotero I see that the collection is selected but still the referenec is saved under the main library.
  • Oh, that's possibly a different issue. Are you saving from Firefox using the URL bar icon? Can you submit a debug log for saving a reference?
  • actually, I'm pretty sure I remember that Zotero always saves to my library if you haven't opened your Zotero pane at least once since restart.
  • Ah, you're right. Though I'm not sure there's a very good reason for that.
  • yes I am saving using the URL bar icon. This seems like a very simple implementation.

    If you guys have the same behavior I could open a feature request. Isn't there a registry hack to change this behavior?
  • There's no hack (that I'm aware of) and no need to open up a feature request. We'll take a look at what can be done.
  • This seems like a very simple implementation.
    This is a design decision, not a bug. The reasoning is that if you haven't opened Zotero since restarting Firefox you're less likely to actually remember what was selected and may very well save somewhere you didn't intend (e.g., a group library).
  • Thanks Dan, is there a chance to add an option to let the user choose?
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