[MLZ] Error generating bibliography

Report ID: 1017050654

When trying to create a bibliography (in all installed styles) on one particular computer, the error dialog reads 'An error occurred when creating your bibliography'. However, the same database works on other computers. Any ideas?
  • there was an error in the 4.0.24 version that came out on Monday that could be causing that, it was fixed later that day, so make sure you have version and try again with that.
  • 4.0.21m479
    This is MLZ, not Zotero. joycekwc, it's very important that, if you report MLZ issues here, you include "[MLZ]" in the subject line. There's no official support for MLZ, so you'll have to wait for fbennett to come along and notice the thread.
  • Apologies for this - I keep forgetting I have MLZ, I'll have to restore it I think. But thanks for the quick responses!
  • @joycekwc,

    I have to run today for a teaching obligation in another city, but I'll take a look tomorrow. Bump the thread if you don't hear.
  • Thanks for this - for some reason this now seems to have fixed itself. It may have had something to do with add-ons, or just the fact I had the computer switched off for a week. So a complete mystery!
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