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I use Sente on Mac OS X, and Zotero elsewhere. Not sure which is going to be my canonical work environment at this point. In the meantime, I have a very large collection of PDFs that are attached to references in Sente. I am able to export the reference library itself from Sente for import into Zotero as a BibTex file without problems. However, I would have to laboriously add the PDFs one-by-one back to their entries in Zotero.

Insofar as the PDF library is structured with author and title information in directory names and file names respectively, as well as being indexed within the reference itself, could Zotero manage to pull them all in as attachments as well?

My Holy Grail would be a world in which I could keep the canonical version of my bibliography in the cloud, with syncing to Zotero and Sente clients as needed. It does not surprise me that something like this would be a low priority for all parties involved, however.
  • Do any of Sente's current export formats have links to PDFs?
  • Yes, the Endnote XML export that Sente produces has a link to the PDFs. I can attach it/cut-and-past it if needed.
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    EndNote XML is not yet supported. It is in trac as a feature request. However, EndNote XML changes between versions of EndNote and has other problems.

    This is the richest format out of and into EndNote, so support will probably come "some time."
  • Sente also includes PDF links in BibTex export, it seems, tagged as "sentelink".


    author = {Aarseth, Espen},
    title = {Playing Research: methodological approaches to game analysis},
    journal = {Proceedings of Melborne DAC},
    uuid = {BAD939CC-2C4A-4F5A-A9FD-945A06E67B74},
    organization = {University of Bergen},
    year = {2003},
    sentelink = {file://localhost/Users/whh/Documents/Sente/Aarseth,%20E/Playing%20Research%20methodological%20approaches%20to%20game%20analysis%202.pdf,Sente,PDF Download},
    Citation_identifier = {Aarseth 2003},
    publicationStatus = {Unknown}
  • That is a bit easier, as there is already BibTeX import & it has some support for PDFs.

    A work-around would be to use a text editor to replace

    "sentelinke={file://localhost" with "pdf={"


    ",Sente,PDF Download}" with "}"

    Ticket created, though:
  • I think "sentelink" is for all attachments, so the search and replace might need to be made a bit more subtle.

    What are the tags for other types of attachments that Zotero can import? Can it import offline copies of web pages?
  • The BibTeX translator will presently only allow file links when you use 'PDF:' & it uses the pdf mimetype.

    Other translators do differentiate between that and text/html and various multimedia attachments.
  • I'm in the same situation with a wide library on Sente.
    At the end did you cope for the export with the links in zotero? I'd really like to be able to export my library in sente with Pdf attachements.
    Thanks a lot
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