zotero starting to behave strange

My zotero has gone wild. When I add a new article some website (no matter which) it fills in the date added in all fields or some random journal name in all fields.

If I change it and close firefox then it will be changed back when I start firefox up again.

This is really scary since I'm writing a manuscript which I plan to submit very soon.
I am using zotero 1.0.7.r.3393 and firefox 3.0.3 on WinXP
  • Send in an error report using Report Errors after this occurs.

    Have you tried disabling your other Firefox extensions?
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    I have not tried to disable other extensions but i haven't experienced any problems before.

  • 1) Try "Check Database Integrity" in the Advanced pane of the Zotero prefs.

    2) If that doesn't find errors, try disabling the other extensions, just in case you updated one recently.
  • It says "errors were found in the Zotero database"
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    Use the DB Repair Tool. These are likely errors left over from using the database with Firefox 2, which had database instability problems.
  • Thanks it works. Come to think about I used zotero with my laptop yesterday and I have the zotero-directory on a network drive. my laptop might have lost the connection to the network at some point.
  • That sounds entirely plausible. I'd recommend regular checking of the database integrity if you're using a network share, at least until you have a sense of how stable it is.
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