Add citation data from google scholar and scopus

I wonder if you could also add citation data from google scholar (as it is done in publish or perish software) and from scopus (via Data from web of science would be also helpful, but I guess their data are not open.
  • I'm not really sure what you're suggesting. Zotero is able to import metadata via URL bar icon from all of the mentioned databases.
  • from scopus (via
    Though I'm not sure what exactly you want to import from
  • If I understand correctly, auster is looking for itation data as in citation counts/impact factors.
    for google scholar.
    I don't think we can get to invidual article Scopus data. As I see it only covers whole journals, which wouldn't seem like it's terribly useful.
  • adamsmith, hi,

    yes, you got me right. Sorry for not being clear in my message. I see now, you are right about scopus data. Thanks a lot for the addon—I did not know about it!
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