Folders in the storage mirroring the structure of collections' tree

Hi again,

It would be great if zotero storage's structure would mirror the structure of collections' tree instead of placing each file into a folder with an obscure name. The reason behind is to be able to copy the whole zotero storage to an external hard drive.
  • That's not exactly possible because of the way items in Zotero are organized (the same item can be part of multiple collections). You can achieve something similar using ZotFile (via automatic attachment renaming and converting to linked attachments). Though note that you will have to find another way to sync file attachments, since Zotero does not sync linked attachments (it also doesn't delete them when deleting corresponding items in Zotero).
  • I see now. Thank you for explaining!
  • You can also take a look at this script I wrote to output your attachments in a tree of folders mirroring your collections:
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