Quick "hide" button for right-side and left-side menus

It would be great to be able to hide right-side and left-side menus by pressing just one button for each menu as it is done in a new atlas.ti from macox.
  • Left-side pane can be hidden/shown with a single click on the divider. Right-hand pane cannot be hidden at this point, but there's been a good amount of interest in this feature, so it might be coming soon.
  • edited November 27, 2014
    aurimas, hi,

    thanks a lot for answering! single click on the divider does not seem to be working neither in my standalone mac version nor in firefox verison.

    Thanks for planning to add the feature for the left-hand pane.
  • No, it's the left pane that can be hidden, and the right one that will be. You should be able to either single-click on the left divider or simply drag it to the left to hide the left pane.
  • Dan, thanks a lot! Sorry for confusing right and left sides. I see now how it works. Clicking does not work somehow, but dragging does, so everything is ok now. Thanks again!
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