Snapshots incomplete


Sometimes, snapshots in Zotero show less than what was
visible on screen. This has happened for example with
pages associated with online payment, where the pages have internal subsections, some of which are not displayed in the snapshot.

For example, in the apple store, before payment there is a page showing items ordered, shipping adress, and billing address. A printout works fine. In the snapshot, however, the addresses are missing.
Conversely, after paying, the snapshot (page with "Thank you") shows only the addresses, but not the items ordered.

Is there a way to get a snapshot of a page as it is displayed ?

  • Are you using Zotero in Firefox or a different browser? This should work better in Firefox, but it probably doesn't work terribly well with javascript-generated pages either way.

    While we'd be glad to improve this feature, the issue described above is not generally as pertinent to web content that is suitable for citations (it's usually more static and we haven't seen many reports of failing snapshots there), so it's unlikely to be a high priority. You appear to be using Zotero as general archiving software, which you're free to do, but we're unlikely to go out of the way to fix issues unrelated to referencing.

    Zotero uses a third-party library to take snapshots, which hasn't been updated since 2007. The fastest way to improve the snapshot feature in Zotero would be to find another, more up-to-date, and actively-maintained javascript-based snapshot library. Falling short of that, it will probably take us a while to rewrite/improve upon existing code.
  • I am using firefox (iceweasel 33.1), both for references and for general archiving. I have not had any snapshot problems with publications (nor are snapshots used much there, ususally full import with translator instead.)

    Thanks for the explanation and for the extremely fast response.
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