Make an art catalog entry for an artwork (new citation style request)

The 'Artwork' type describes a physical object, including Artwork Size and Medium. It would be useful to format that information in the 'citation' format of an art catalogue, as in these examples in the Association of Art Editors Style Guide

I can't see how to do this or even come close to it by adapting an existing entry type or an existing citation style. Can anyone help? If this is indeed not possible, I would like to request that this be added to Zotero.

I understand that Zotero is not intended to be a general-purpose database, but this feature would be useful for art scholars, who also depend on literature citations: it would save learning and using another database. Likewise, a robust Exhibition type would also be useful, as discussed here
  • I'm not entirely clear which part of this you're asking for? The formatting on separate lines? A particular field that's missing from artwork?
  • edited November 26, 2014
    I would like to have the formatting on separate lines, the space between entries and the missing 'size' field.
  • This is all possible then. The mapping of fields is here:
    with Artwork size mapped to dimensions in CSL
    New lines work best with the display="block" attribute in CSL:

    I don't have time to customize an art catalog format for you, though, so you'd have to figure that out or find someone insterested&able to do it.
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