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I have SP 2.2 installed on two different FF profiles on an XP computer. In principle the syncing of both database and attachments works for me, with one little exception:
When I switch between profiles Zotero starts to sync files on the newly opened profile even though I haven't touched the database nor the attachments on the first profile. So without any changes of the data it starts downloading something. This often takes up to 10 or so minutes and sometimes freezes at 100%. In this case restarting the profile helps. If I then go back to the first profile (again without changing any data whatsoever), it tries to download something again. The indicated download size seems to be in the neighborhood of 25 MB. I'm a little bit concerned that this might make me reach the traffic limit on the WebDAV server.

Also, on a side note: since installing SP 2.2 I have the impression that the start up of FF has considerably slowed down, but of course I'm not sure if that is really related to Zotero.

error report #: 819366594
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    Zotero currently syncs on open (and while running after any changes) if autosync is enabled in preferences. That said, it should only download or upload changed files. I would go ahead and let the sync complete, quit Firefox, and then start Firefox and open Zotero again. When Zotero autosyncs now, does it perform another large download?
  • the point is, that each time I switch profiles not only the little icon starts to spin but it starts downloading large files of attachments although I haven't added or changed nor even opened any attachments (or metadata for that matter)

    When I restart the same profile, this doesn't happen. I then get only the spinning arrow.

    Of course it is usable this way, but apart from the traffic issue mentioned above, it also takes about 10 minutes to complete and sometimes the syncing freezes, I need to restart, another sync/download attempt, another 10 minutes...
  • Could you send debug output for the sync attempts in both profiles to support@zot....org? Be sure to set the Screen Buffer Size to 9999 as explained on that page.

    There may be a lot of output, so zipping the text files may be helpful.
  • I sent you the outputs a couple of days ago, I hope it came through and they are helpful...
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