Subtitles in biblatex import


I stumbled upon a problem when importing my Biblatex file. I always used the subtitle field in Biblatex, which does not exist anymore in Zotero (I still think that this would be a good idea). Is it somehow possible to concatenate during import?

It would simply be:

Title: Subtitle
or if the Title has some other punctuation (e.g. !?): Title[punctuation] Subtitle

If that is not possible, does anyone know a good script to do this?
  • Yes, proper biblatex subtitle import would be nice.

    In the meantime, try

    pandoc-citeproc --bib2json bibfile.bib > bibfile.json

    (which will take care of combining title and subtitle) and import bibfile.json into Zotero.
  • Pull request here:

    Will let you know if it gets accepted.
  • Hi and thank you. It got accepted, right? This works now for me. I think the title (without the subtitle) could even be added as short title (if a subtitle exists or if the title does not have some kind of punctuation in the middle of the title ... didn't figure that out exactly). The pandoc-citeproc bib2json converter did something like that. Thank you for that solution as well, nickbart. I had to tinker a little with the so produced JSON file, because I was not able to import it immediately. Now I have two imports :-) The JSON version has the short titles set. With biblatex import my categories from JabRef were imported as well.

    I'd say my problem was solved! Thank you!
    (And I did not get noticed on your postings, therefore the long delay.)
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