Export for pandoc/Capitalization in bibtex/biblatex

Hi there!

Just some info on my background: I am checking out Zotero at the moment and like it a lot so far. I used JabRef with Biblatex and Latex in the past. But because of the need to be able to deliver different file formats (doc/rtf, html, epub) I consider to switch to pandoc. And while I am at it, I considered switching to Zotero, too.

I have some issues with capitalization and using Zotero data in pandoc (or LaTeX)

The recommended way of putting titles in Zotero is this:
Some kind of title: Some kind of subtitle (I am not so sure with the subtitle - should it start with upper or lower case?)

This all works great so far. German titles work well, too. My only problem is with English titles that have proper nouns in it (e.g. English, German, Russia, Britain, China, person's names). I read that it should be put that way:

Some title with a name like John Doe

This way the styles will know that John Doe is a proper noun. This works if I directly export a citation from Zotero. But it does not work with Bibtex/Biblatex-export. I think Zotero should automatically wrap these proper nouns in {}. It could detect them the same way as it already does when exporting a citation directly from Zotero.

The reason I need the Bibtex/Biblatex-export (besides from probably still wanting to use my literature in LaTeX) is that I need it for pandoc as well. As I understand I could use MODS as well, but MODS export does not include keys to use in pandoc. Therefore this would be a nice thing to have as well. While I am at it: I would also be thankful if the keys would become shorter (AuthorYear style) or if there would be an option to customize them.
  • you're absolutely right and we're aware of this. What you're suggesting would be the preferred road ahead, but we're concerned about people who aren't aware of the recommended input format and will freak out at the sight of all wrapped capitals:
    Here's the old ticket with discussion.
  • Pull request here: https://github.com/zotero/translators/pull/813

    This one won't happen super soon, because as it stands now it needs a Zotero update.
  • I thought this was a problem with pandoc-citeproc, until JGM told me this is a feature of BibTeX. I'd like to ask also if there's any workarounds while we wait for the patch to be released? I tried some other export formats, but like @jogru said, it seems that Bib(La)TeX is the only one with human-friendly citation keys.

    Btw, @jogru, because I like the shorter authorYEAR format for my citation keys, I've always patched the BibTeX translator manually according to these instructions:

  • if you're willing to customize your BibTeX (or BibLaTeX) translator, you can just have a look at the old ticket
    for most purposes, that small edit will work just fine.

    It doesn't have the hidden pref and may be overly zealous in escaping first letters, but that shouldn't impact functionality for you.
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    Great, thanks @adamsmith!

    Edit: Here's what to do: replaced the writeField function in the BibTeX.js file from the patch linked above, and now capitalization seems to work fine.
  • BBT does the same if you enable the option in the preferences.
  • BBT sounds awesome, now why didn't I check it out before! Thanks for the tip @emilianoeheyns.
  • Full disclosure: I am the author, and while BBT adds features I think are useful, the built-in translator moves more carefully, and while I try to test comprehensively, you will probably experience an occasional breakage. I try to keep to same-day fixes, but can't guarantee this.
  • Yeah no worries. I'm sure the user experience beats by miles manually editing the BibTeX translator every time Zotero updates anyway. =)

    Besides, now I have something to recommend to Zotero users who are averse to editing the translator files!
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