Disable backspace = delete entry (feature un-request)

I'm often typing quickly within a firefox window while using zotero and if I accidentally still have the zotero pane active and hit backspace, it removes whatever highlighted entries are there, and I must go to "unfiled items" and manually replace them.

I very rarely need to remove an item from a collection and would MUCH prefer to disable the backspace command for that so it never happens by accident. This also seems problematic for new users. It took me a while to figure out why things were disappearing and where they were going. Now that I know I don't see the advantage.

Any options?
  • edited November 20, 2014
    We wouldn't disable that key, but I could see adding a confirmation dialog before removing items from collections. We never have — we only have one for moving items to the trash — but since we don't have an undo function and one isn't really on the horizon, a confirmation dialog for that might make sense. Removing items from collections is probably significant enough to justify it, and we could also clarify in the dialog that the items weren't being deleted.
  • A confirmation dialog would be perfect.

    (Or a user-selected option to disable it, not that it needs to be fully removed from the program. I was surprised not to see this in the "shortcuts" pane of the preferences as something I could just turn off.)

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