Another tagging request

I'd like to be able to just see the tags I already have, then click on them to add the tag for the current item. I keep moving to the Tags tab, then my brain wants me to click on the tags I see in the left-hand cloud to label the document, but that window is for another purpose. I have to retype each one, or drag the paper to the tag, which involves more movement.

Instead, I'd prefer a tag cloud in the tags tab, from which I could just click on the tags I want to apply to the currently-selected paper (with the ability to add more tags that weren't already in my library, of course).
  • There could be arguments both ways here. Currently clicking on tags is used for navigation, and it sounds like you want to make clicking on tags about adding tags. Personally I think the existing behavior is better. While I frequently add tags to items I much more frequently click on those tags to navigate through those items.

    Could we get the best of both worlds if we added "add tag to selected item(s)" to the context menu when your right click on a tag? Would that do the trick?

    Also, the 1.5 release will use a weighted tag cloud in the selector.
  • Yes, or right click in the "add tag" text box and get a context menu that has all of the existing tags. Either would be good. Just something so that a typo doesn't ruin my tagging.
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