Problem of syncing in Zotero groups

Along with two colleagues of mine, we use a zotero group library to organise our group and we are experiencing an annoying problem with the synchronisation among our zotero. Basically, every time we edit only one specific folder deleting and moving items from that folder to others after a while those items reappear in the same folder. This forces us to do several times the same edits in that specific folder, as you can easily understand that slows down substantially our work. Is there anyone who has already experienced this problem that can help us to tackle it?
  • edited November 17, 2014
    This could happen if two people edit the same collection at the same time (I believe it has to be the same items being either edited or removed on two different computers). Unless you and your colleagues are performing overlapping edits literally at the same time, the best way to avoid these sort of conflicts is to have automatic syncing on at all times and make sure that there are no sync issues preventing the sync from happening continuously.

    Edit: sync issues would be indicated by a red exclamation mark next to the sync arrow.
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