Problems with slashes in titles?

Dear All,

I am experiencing a problem when trying to store
in chrome via zotero connector with "Save via Server". The title of the paper is
"Classical theories of the ion/linear quadrupole capture"
The pdf file is saved with wrong file name ("linear quadrupole ca.pdf") and zotero cannot find it. I can locate it manually in zotero standalone though. I think that the slash is probably not properly stripped from the title before generating file name?

Thanks for help,
  • Are you using any Zotero add-ons, like ZotFile?
  • None that I know of. I have just installed zotero connector for chrome today. It is not working with my standalone zotero for some reason, so I am saving directly to the server. When I tried to open the file on the web, it said "file not found". When I synced with zotero standalone, it offered me to locate the file, and I saw that it got synced with this strange file name.
  • I can replicate this. Happens with the Snapshot, too. I don't know exactly how files are saved to the server, so whether this is an API issue or a problem with the server-side translation.

    But while this should be fixed, you really want to fix the connector/standalone connection, since server-side translation is a good deal more limited than handling items locally with connector/standalone. Start a new thread on that, please, let us know what troubleshooting you've already done.
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