zotero hangs (unusable)


zotero keeps on freezing, be it the standelone or fierfox version (XUL runner does not respond). I usually use the firefox version, but is also freezes the browser. As a result, zotero is just plain unusable for in the current state. Any solution?

Thank you very much,

  • could just be a single large sync download. Have you just let it run for, say 1 hour?

    Which operating system, which Zotero versions?
  • Hi

    Actually, it does that all the the time. Also when syncing, but not only.

    version; windows 7 x64, and here is an error report ticket: 1760005082.

  • It looks like you're at your file sync quota, so Zotero is likely repeatedly checking unuploaded local files to see if they've changed and can be uploaded. We'll improve this in the future, but you should either purchase a Zotero storage subscription, switch to WebDAV syncing, or disable personal library file syncing in the Sync pane of the Zotero preferences.
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