Please make it harder for children to leave parents

Please make it harder to "unlink" children from their parents.

Fairly frequently I initiate some sort of action that results in separating a note from it's parent. Since I don't always realize it at the time, it may stay separated for some time. Then I have to try and figure out where it belongs.

One way it happens is if I start to drag an item to a collection, then realize that I accidentally clicked on a note instead of the main item. I then abort the transfer, but my reflex is to return to the original place before releasing the click. But that then effectively unlinks the note and it's now a stand alone note, and who knows where it suddenly went.

So, is there any chance of adding a confirmation window before children get separated? Or maybe an undo MOVE?
  • This is still problematic for me. It's happened twice in the last 20 minutes.

    Any aborted drag seems to separate the child note from its parent. What happened these last two times was that I clicked on a note, and before releasing, I moved the mouse ever so slightly. That, in effect, initiated a drag. Even if I drop it right away, the note gets separated. I really try to be careful, but involuntary slips happen. If I notice it right away, I can usually remember what parent item I was working with, but sometimes I don't realize until later, and I have no idea what the parent was.

    Can something be done to make this harder to happen? It must not be a common problem, or I'd think the forum would be full of complaints, but it has happened to someone else:

    Thanks for looking into this.
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    Fixed for 3.0.4. A drag of a child item will have to leave the area of its parent's child items before the drag is allowed. Thanks for persisting on this one—it was definitely a bug.
  • Good news indeed. Thanks, Dan!
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