Error when starting Zotero standalone

I updated firefox and zotero standalone versions today ( for firefox and 4.0.23 for standalone for mac), however when starting standalone I get error saying that my version (currently 4.0.23) "is older than the version last used with your database. Please upgrade to the latest version from". Zotero standalone then shuts down. Please advise what to do.
  • PS: when I check for updates, the message is: there are no updates available.
  • And you're not getting that message for the Firefox version?

    The only time we've ever seen this is for people who have/had MLZ Zotero installed.
  • yes, I have installed the mlz zotero, since I am using it for legal research
    what should I do?
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    you can't use Standalone with MLZ, sorry. If you want to keep using MLZ, your only option is to stick with the Firefox version.
    (edit: technically that may not be 100% accurate, but you would never have MLZ feature in Standalone and it'd be complicated to set up both to work alongside each other and require you to have two complete versions of your database on your harddisk)
  • Thank you for your prompt reply. Until now I only worked with the standalone version, I will try now and hopefully it will work out.
  • MiraNova: It is possible to use other browsers with MLZ by enabling a hidden option in Firefox. There is a description here.

    (With the option enabled, browsers will no longer be able to access Standalone, but if you are running only MLZ, that will not be an issue.)
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