Obstinate resizing behaviour, and resizing bug


I have a suggested change to the resizing behaviour, and a probable bug to report.

1. Obstinate resizing behaviour

The minimum size of the Zotero window is constrained by the vertical size to which the user may have dragged the Tags list (on the leftmost Zotero pane). Increasing the height of the Zotero window automatically increases / decreases the height of the "Collections" list, while leaving the height of the Tags list fixed.

I think it would be more intuitive for both the Collections list and the Tags list to shrink, because this would allow the user to decrease the height of the Zotero window (i.e., get it out of the way) with one quick click-and-drag operation, rather than first having to resize the Tags list.

2. Resizing bug

If I open Zotero, then increase its height (by clicking-and-dragging), then increase the height of the Tags list (by clicking-and-dragging (and releasing)), then decrease the size of the Tags list as far as possible, then finally decrease the height of Zotero as far as possible, none of the Zotero panes automatically shrink as they usually do; therefore, the bottom part of Zotero (including e.g. the "Display all tags" check box, the "Filter" text box, the "0 tags selected" label, and the "Deselect all" button) simply vanishes from sight.


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    What you suggest in #1 would certainly be better than the current behavior—it's just a question of implementing it, which may be easier said than done. We'll see what we can do, though.

    #2 is fixed on the development branch (and listed on the Known Issues page). You can generally work around it in Beta 3 by sizing the Z pane back up and nudging the tag selector up slightly before dragging the Z pane down again.

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    Has there been any progress with 1. above? I have subconsciously learned to resize Zotero in the required two-step motion (when shrinking the Zotero window, first shrink the tag selector, then shrink the whole Zotero window; and when enlarging the Zotero window, first enlarge the whole window, then (optionally) enlarge the tag selector), but it does feel a little silly, and I suppose it just annoys new users when they sometimes mysteriously can't shrink the Zotero window.

    Related phenomena
    1. If I resize the Collections list to its minimum size, both it and the whole Zotero window automatically enlarge slightly (unless the latter is already at its maximum possible size).
    2. When the Zotero window is at its maximum possible size and the Collections list is at (or near) its minimum possible size, clicking on the Tag/Collections divider (without sliding it anywhere) has non-trivial behaviour, namely suddenly enlarging the Collections list.

    Zotero 1.04 Windows XP.
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