Folder Structure on Computer and in Zotero?

For those of you that have linked files in Zotero, I'm curious how you organize your files.

In particular: do you organize the files on your computer first, putting them into folders before linking them into Zotero (where you create another folder system), or do you simply dump all your files in one folder, and then link to them in Zotero?
  • I don't personally do this, but I think many people use ZotFile to create linked files in folder hierarchies based on metadata.

    So if you're starting off with Zotero and you have a bunch of PDFs already, then you start off dumping them into Zotero (though linking all of them into Zotero may also be possible for this), retrieving metadata for them and have ZotFile automatically move them to whatever directory structure you choose (this converts them to linked attachments).

    If you're adding more files via URL bar icon, then ZotFile pretty much takes care of this seamlessly.
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