Dear Friends

I am currently using Zotero as my mais bibliographical software. Due to my needs, I have to use a RTF scan to order to generate my citations and references. However, a problem has stricked me. In the ordinary stile an one author article, for example, the RTF code would be something like:

{Smith, 2002}

Hoewever, many of my articles have two authors, sucha as:

Kress, G., e T. van Leeuwen. 2002. “Colour as a semiotic mode: notes for a grammar of colour”. visual communication 1: 343–68.

I already tied to quote it in the following codes, all unsuccesfuly

{Kress; van Leeuwen, 2002}
{Kress and van Leeuwen, 2002}
{Kress e van Leeuwen, 2002}
{Kress, van Leeuwen, 2002}

COuld somenone help me on this?
  • Have you tried using just the first author: {Kress, 2002}
  • If you can, try using the odf-scan plug-in from here. In practice this is a lot more versatile and robust than the rtf-scan option. (You'll need to use one of the office-suites to use the odf (.odt) file-format – at least for the scanning process.)
  • Thank you! guys! the odt scan works fine
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