Open Monograph Press / Language Science Press

A new open access publisher in linguistics uses Open Monograph Press to publish its growing collection:

I'm wondering whether we can get Zotero to recognise books from its catalog so that importing the bibliographic metadata + the PDF becomes a one-click solution. Example of catalog entry:

(I've searched the forums but found no previous requests for OMP.)

In the HTML source I can see some things that Z could pick up on:

<meta name="citation_author" content="Francesco Cangemi"/>
<meta name="citation_title" content="Prosodic detail in Neapolitan Italian"/>
<meta name="citation_publication_date" content="2014/10/29"/>
<meta name="citation_publisher" content="Language Science Press"/>
<meta name="citation_pdf_url" content=""/>;

There is also Dublin Core metadata:

<link rel="schema.DC" href=""; />

<meta name="DC.Coverage" xml:lang="en" content=""/>
<meta name="DC.Coverage" xml:lang="es" content=""/>
<meta name="DC.Coverage" xml:lang="fr" content=""/>
<meta name="DC.Coverage.spatial" xml:lang="en" content=""/>
<meta name="DC.Coverage.spatial" xml:lang="es" content=""/>
<meta name="DC.Coverage.spatial" xml:lang="fr" content=""/>
<meta name="DC.Coverage.temporal" xml:lang="en" content=""/>
<meta name="DC.Coverage.temporal" xml:lang="es" content=""/>
<meta name="DC.Coverage.temporal" xml:lang="fr" content=""/>
<meta name="DC.Creator.PersonalName" content="Francesco Cangemi (Author)"/>
<meta name="DC.Date.created" scheme="ISO8601" content="2014-10-29"/>
<meta name="DC.Date.dateSubmitted" scheme="ISO8601" content="2013-12-03"/>
<meta name="DC.Date.modified" scheme="ISO8601" content="2014-02-10"/>
<meta name="DC.Description" xml:lang="en" content=" Recent findings on phonetic detail have been taken as supporting exemplar-based approaches to prosody. Through four experiments on both production and perception of both melodic and temporal detail in Neapolitan Italian, we show that prosodic detail is not incompatible with abstractionist approaches either. Specifically, we suggest that the exploration of prosodic detail leads to a refined understanding of the relationships between the richly specified and continuous varying phonetic information on one side, and coarse phonologically structured contrasts on the other, thus offering insights on how pragmatic information is conveyed by prosody. You can find the full text as a free pdf on the download tab above, or you can buy a printed copy at BoD or CreateSpace . "/>
<meta name="DC.Description" xml:lang="es" content=""/>
<meta name="DC.Description" xml:lang="fr" content=""/>
<meta name="DC.Identifier" content="16"/>
<meta name="DC.Identifier.URI" content=""/>;
<meta name="DC.Language" scheme="ISO639-1" content="en"/>
<meta name="DC.Source" content="Language Science Press"/>
<meta name="DC.Source.URI" content=""/>;
<meta name="DC.Title" content="Prosodic detail in Neapolitan Italian"/>
<meta name="DC.Title.Alternative" xml:lang="es" content=""/>
<meta name="DC.Title.Alternative" xml:lang="fr" content=""/>
<meta name="DC.Type" content="Text.Book"/>

So it would seem that creating a translator should be easy for those in the know?
  • edited November 3, 2014
    In addition, on catalog pages (listing multiple entries), there is a recognisable list structure, as follows:

    <li class="pkp_catalog_monograph">
    <div class="pkp_catalog_monographDetails">
    <div class="pkp_catalog_monographTitle"><a href="">Forthcoming: Adjective attribution</a></div>
    <div class="pkp_catalog_monograph_authorship pkp_helpers_clear">
    Michael Rie├čler (Author)
    <div class="pkp_catalog_monograph_date">
    <li class="pkp_catalog_monograph">
    <div class="pkp_catalog_monographDetails">
    <div class="pkp_catalog_monographTitle"><a href="">A grammar of Pite Saami</a></div>
    <div class="pkp_catalog_monograph_authorship pkp_helpers_clear">
    Joshua Wilbur (Author)
    <div class="pkp_catalog_monograph_date">

    From that list it's easy to get date, title, author and URL. The only thing underspecified here is the press: "Language Science Press".

    Thanks in advance to the Translator wizard who can throw together a translator for this site easily!
  • AFAICT, the publisher is not using <meta> tags correctly. Unless the meta tag contains an itemprop attribute (for HTML5 microdata), it should not appear in the document body, but should be in the head instead. If that were the case, I'm pretty sure this would work quite well with Zotero's existing Embedded Metadata translator. I would suggest contacting the website administrator and asking them to fix their website.

    That wouldn't solve the "multiples" issue, though. That would require a dedicated translator.

  • That wouldn't solve the "multiples" issue, though. That would require a dedicated translator.
    but it would make writing the dedicated translator faster, too. So yes, please see if you can convince them to put the meta tags in the header. If they won't budge we can work around that, but always better to rely on standards.
  • Okay I'll give it a try. Thanks!
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